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Here are some kind words about our recent end of year dance concerts. Thanks everyone, we had a great time. The students really were awesome and so.. so pumped, and our audience was fantastic. I cannot express my thanks enough to all the helpers and all of the parents and friends for supporting our concerts again. It means a lot to the teachers and students who have worked so hard.  Have a Great Christmas all:  Katrina and Rachel Barker xxx 

Every year you both exceed expectation and deliver a wonderful and amazing concert.  This year of course was no exception.  I was so impressed and thoroughly entertained by each performance and as well as the amazing finale.  
 I also wanted to thank you for the effort you put in all year, especially the ballet exam time.  The passion you have is truly inspiring.  I think you both are AMAZING!

Thank you so much for giving my girls the opportunity to dance in such a wonderful concert. Jade and Jorja both loved it and there smiles on stage were too gorgeous (i got a bit teary!!). Thank you for your dedication to dance.

Awesome shows!!! Great Costumes and amazing Choreography.  Thanks for everything!!! 

Hi Katrina
How impressive was that concert!!! It was amazing and you should be so very proud. Thank you for treating us to an awesome show. I'm so pleased my girls are a part of a fantastic and talented dance school 

*Congratulations for another wonderful concert this year - a true extravaganza
It was a delight to see the theatrical side of the young ones with Glee Club. My daughter just adored it all the way though the year.  You really tap into their creativity and it must do amazing things for their confidence.  They're so lucky to have you.

*I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Rachel. My daughter doesn’t just belong to a dance school.  She has been extremely lucky to be a part of Barker Dance School and the beautiful intimate experience it offers her.  Rachel – if I had anyone to pick as a role model for her it would be you.  You offer her a beautiful friendship, an extremely wide learning experience and she absolutely looks up to you in so many ways.  I really appreciate everything you do with and for the girls.

*I also wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful efforts with the girls. Not only do they love their dancing but have obviously been learning lots throughout the year! We were thrilled with the performance on Sunday and the girls don't even want to take holidays!

*Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful concert last night. My daughter (preschool class) just loved it and seeing her have such a good time on stage brought tears to my eyes. She had her preschool concert last week which she refused to participate in so my husband and I didn't hold much hope for last night. But you have such a gentle way with your preschool dancers and they all responded so well to you.

THANk you for giving my little girl so much joy.

A huge congratulations on a brilliant concert to all involved. We were really blown away!!!! It was a fantastic night.


Firstly I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful concert - I was so happy to see little girls dancing, dressing and moving like little girls rather than tiny prostitutes - I've seen many many many dance school concerts in my years working in the theatre, and yours is the first that did not make me feel physically ill. If my little girl wants to keep on dancing, I am grateful to know that I can safely let her do so without compromising my (strong!) beliefs of what constitutes appropriate behaviour for children - thank you!!


Dear Katrina, You have played such an important role in the development of my daughter. Her confidence and love for life has been enhanced by your dance classes . I just wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge how wonderful we think you are and how blessed we have been to be involved in Barker dance school. No she is not leaving dancing- just wanted to say thanks to you and Rachael. You are both very talented  and tonight i had the privilege once again to witness your amazing passion, drive and inspiration in yet another fantastic concert. Thanks again

The Barker Dance team - Great effort by all - I have to say there are some girls who just stood out because of really gorgeous smiles and happy faces - so proud of them all.  And special thanks from me to all the mums who helped my kids and any others that needed it - just amazing effort!!!


Hi Katrina,


You said it, WOW!!!  This year's concert was AMAZING - I don't know how you and Rachel do it - the choreography, everything was just beautiful!!  Thank you.

 The thing that blows me away is the joy on those kids' faces - they look so happy and that is a credit to you!

 Congratulations on a truly wonderful concert.  It was truly amazing (especially the infants ballet!)


Just been to Barker Dance School end of year concert - and it was even better than last year which I didn't think was possible. Beautiful costumes, great routines, the most beautiful ballerinas and Entertainment with a capital 'E'


Dear Katrina,

Thank you so much for all the work you and Rachel put in to making the concert such a success. Your students were a credit to you - happy, healthy, appropriately costumed (I know I sound old but it matters!) young people having fun.

Dear Katrina and Rachel,

I think I've just taken it for granted that you ladies hear the cheers and applause and know you've done a fabulous job, but I realised that I have never actually said so...So I just wanted to specifically let you know that Barker Dance School really does put on a fantastic concert, and the choreography is fantastic. The students dance well because they enjoy the moves, and even those who might find it challenging still look like they're having fun.  Enjoy your holidays and rest up for a busy year!


Thanks Katrina

Congratulations to both you and Rachel for your amazing commitment to all

the kids in your dance school. The concerts on both nights were fantastic.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the dances. Such variety and energy from all the

kids made it extremely entertaining!!

From a proud mum, 

 I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the concert and how much I appreciate all that you do. My daughter has been doing dancing on & off for years with several different dance schools, but the progress she has made and her love for dance since commencing with Barker Dance School has been mind-blowing. Rachel - you have been such a great mentor and you have helped her believe in herself. I get so emotional every time I watch her dance on stage because seeing her display so much confidence and enjoying it so passionately is just so amazing and I am so so grateful for everything you have done :))

From Jody,

Hi Katrina and Rachel,

Thanks for the wonderful and talented dance performance we saw. All our friends and family that came to watch just raved about the costumes,dance routine and the overall professionalism of your dance company! The standard just keeps going up every year! We love that the dances, music and costumes are so descent and not daggy and that people who watch do actually notice this as well. We always encourage others to join!.

From Tess:
Thank you so much for such a wonderful concert. It was spectacular and my daughter loved every moment of it and wants to dance just like the big girls. It really had a wonderful impact on her. She asked me could she dance for a job when she grows up! My husband and I want to express how grateful we are to you both for giving our daughter such a fabulous experience and a wonderful year. We are also grateful that you are a dance school that allows little girls to be little girls and you do not push professional makeup and hair. Many of my friends are in schools like this and it concerns them greatly that there is such a focus on makiing them beautiful when they all ready are. Your concert was magical, the costumes stunning and the dancing magnificent. We are looking forward to next year. She would like to try your combined ballet and jazz class. We wish your family a beautiful Christmas and a restful break. See you next year.

From Kim: 
Well done on a fabulous concert!!! Miss Rachael and yourself truly know how to put on a fantastic performance and what’s even more satisfying is the fact that the children performing were having a blast!!!
Barker really has got the balance between “performance and fun” (sadly, all too often missed by many dance schools).

From another Kim:

What a fantastic few nights have once again made each and every one of your students shine from the pre-schoolers to the senior girls and boys.

I love the buzz and the energy of the night.

From Christina:
Thank you once again for the wonderful work you have done this year - the concert was AMAZING! and I still got goosebumps watching Tiny Dancer for the second time on Monday night!   I had people coming up to me at school, who dont send their children to you (who by, the way will be next year), commenting on how fantastic the concert was - so congratulations again to you and Rachel.

From Fiona:
Thanks again for another terrific year of dancing....the concert was amazing. I can’t believe how well Sophie dances...a credit to you and Rachel. I was blubbering in Tiny Dancer!! 

From Clinton:
Thankyou for another year of great dancing with our girls. They have enjoyed it and really look forward to the concerts. That they don't get too nervous in the lead up to the concerts and smile throughout is a credit to yourself and all your helpers. Please pass this thankyou on to them also.
Thanks again,

From Megan,
Just wanted to send a big congratulations your way. My son  was in the boys dance group (Step it up) last night at your concert and had an awesome time. It was the first of your concerts that we had been to and it was FANTASTIC!!
I was wondering if I could bother you for a timetable please. I have two daughters who would love to join your class.

From Therese:

Concert was fantastic by the way - the girls Dad went both nights - he loved it.

Their costumes just get better and better!

From Shannon:

Congratulations ladies!!! Our first experience of a Barker Concert and it was fantastic!!

From Maria:

The show was amazing, so professionally done and choreographed. It was delightful to watch, so entertaining and the costumes were absolutely fabulous. Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm and patience especially with the younger dance students who are not experienced. 

From Annette: We love our washing mums!
I can't wait to see the concert tonight. Everyone was commenting on how wonderful it was last night.
I'll be there on stage to collect my bags of washing at the end of the concert!

From Matt, a dedicated dad!... and so theatrical, I see where your daughter gets it from!

To Barker School of Dance - Incredible!!! Bravissmo! Miss Katrina & Miss Rachael, what a legacy.”    Thanks for a wonderful night!

And some lovely messages from our students:

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for this year!! 
I have had so much fun its been such a blast (: 

I loved all the dances that you made for us and i loved learning them :D so thankyou so much!
Thanks for a great year Rachel! I learnt alot, see you next year and have a great christmas ♥
Thankyou for an amazing year and for being an amazing teacher :) 
I'll miss dance over the holidays but im soo excited for next year :D 
Have an amazing christmass ♥
Thankyou for a great year Rach (:
So many people have commented on just how good the concert was and I hope it was as good as you hoped for. 
I'll be seeing you next year. 
Have a great christmas xxxxx
Just went to Barker Dance School Concert at Warrimoo. 
What a great night full of music and entertainment. 
Great work done by Kat, Paul, Rach and the team.
Janine Forrest







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